What Are Photo Gifts and How Long Have They Been Around? December 17 2018

It's often said that it's not the gift but the thought that counts and these gifts help you show a lot of thought by being able to select something that matches their interests.

Meet the State Dog of Texas December 15 2017

The Blue Lacy traces its lineage back to some dogs that the Lacy ranching family owned in Burnet County in 1858.

A Few Unique Irish Customs December 14 2017


Irish cultural customs have been a part of the unique fabric that has held Ireland together for generations. The spiritual significance of these centuries-old customs has a lot to teach us today. These customs have increased in popularity among Americans of Irish descent. Here are a few of these treasured customs:

Shrovetide Weddings - Anglican/Episcopal and Catholic parishes don't celebrate weddings during Lent because of the solemn nature of the season. Irish Catholics traditionally started a lot of matchmaking during Epiphany season, which starts January 6th and ends Ash Wednesday. Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (known in some cultures as Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday) became a popular wedding date. Consider a date during this time if your clergy and other key wedding people are agreeable and you want an unusual date.

Halloween comes from the ancient celebration of Samhain and is a time a time to remember the departed, much like Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead. Colcannon potatoes are often part of a meal, with an extra treat added for the kids - clean coins wrapped in wax paper and hidden within the mixture. You'll be happy because the kids will get their share of vegetables, and they'll still be able to get their share of candy.

Christmas has traditionally been a time for a nice family dinner. Traditional puddings are always something that tops many a holiday gift list, especially for family spread far and wide. A post-Christmas Eve mass dinner that includes a goose or turkey and all the trimmings will keep everyone pleased.  

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    One "Best" Way to Pray the Rosary: Yea or Nay? December 11 2017

    So, is there really and truly a "right" way to pray the rosary? Every way of praying the rosary isn't necessarily conventional. However, remember this: it's your intentions that matter, not necessarily the words you use.

    What Are Some Celtic Dance Styles? December 08 2017

    Little boy in a kilt dancing

    Celtic dance styles include the dances beloved in Scotland, Ireland and other areas of the Celtic world. They had humble origins as social dances (think informal dances at a New Year's Eve mixer) but have also gotten a following as show dances. Traditional dances form a major part of many dance groups' acts, and modern interpretations also play a role.

    What are examples of these popular dances?

    • Scottish Highland Dance - In many ways, this style of dancing is similar to the step dancing style favored in Ireland. Upper body and arm movement help give this type of dance a distinctive style. The sword dance is one variation that many Celtic enthusiasts have probably seen at a Highland fair.
    • Step Dancing - This Irish dancing style has many similar steps to Highland dancing, One of the most obvious differences is the position of the arms, held down at the dancers' sides. Step dancers often perform in groups, although solo performances are also quite popular.
    • Set Dancing - This form of dance has many similarities to French quadrille dancing and is often considered more of a social dance. Four couples participate in each dance, with different tempos used throughout the song. You're likely to see a lot of regional differences.

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    Celtic Crosses: A Great Choice for Both Genders December 07 2017

    Many Celtic crosses also feature elaborate styles for more ornate tastes. For an ultra-stylish look with an extra burst of color, enamel crosses won't disappoint. Crystal accents add a touch of elegance to special occasions and wedding jewelry.