What Are Photo Gifts and How Long Have They Been Around? December 17 2018

It's often said that it's not the gift but the thought that counts and these gifts help you show a lot of thought by being able to select something that matches their interests.

We've Added Photo Galleries for Most of Our Jewelry September 19 2018

When you're shopping for a necklace online, one of the tricky parts is trying to determine how far down the necklace hangs and whether it will fit too tightly around the neck.

Jewelry for Autumn September 17 2018

Autumn is an exciting time for creative people - there is a lot of natural beauty and vivid color that helps spark the imagination of anyone involved in jewelry or other creative arts. Jewelry is an especially great medium because of the role that color plays.

While I hope that you might find one of these pieces a great fit for your jewelry collection, I think they are a great way to celebrate fall as well.

Black and Gold Art Cross

Features a black and gold art glass cross, cloisonne beads, mirror beads, and gold spacers. Fits most adults. $30.00

Amber and Fire-Polished Crystal Earrings

Amber and Fire-Polished Crystal Earrings - Featuring amber-colored Swarovski crystal, Czech crystal, and fire-polished beads $15

Amber Crystal Heart Necklace

Antique-style amber colored pendant in a crystal filigree setting with amber crystal hearts, amber glass beads, disco ball beads, and silver spacers $40


When is It Too Early to Buy Christmas Items? September 12 2018

Discussing buying Christmas items must seem somewhat unusual months from December. However, due to the influence of secular retailers, the demand for Christmas products continues to grow sooner each year. In many cases, it's necessary to order as early as possible to ensure that the items you want are actually still available.

Another thing to consider, too, is products that are ordered for Advent. These include Advent calendars and Advent wreaths. Because Advent begins four weeks before Christmas and usually falls right after Thanksgiving, there is a very real need to order these products well ahead of time.

We generally ship Advent calendars that are in stock up through the middle of November. This usually provides enough time for them to reach their destination. However, in the case of international customers or those placing very large orders, we recommend placing the orders by the end of October.

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The Celtic Fair/Culture Directory, True New England and Friendly Bluebonnet Sites Are Returning March 25 2018

We're also working on bringing back our used books. Here are some of the things to expect:

What Crafts Do You Want to See? February 24 2018

Two craft items we've contemplated: door wreathes that are customizable for holidays and seasons, as well as Celtic-themed Advent wreaths with tartan ribbons and clan crests, where possible. We also have some combined experience creating ornaments and smaller wood crafts.

Glass Pearl Necklaces...A Stunning Statement January 26 2018

If you're not sure if pearls suit you, a quick web search for pearl jewelry might convince you otherwise. All of the options out there might seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we've made the decision easier by offering designs that use pearls in creative ways.

Jewelry Currently for Sale December 30 2017

Our jewelry collection is handmade, with most pieces made with care in Odessa, Texas, unlike anything you’ll find in retail jewelry stores. We offer an alternative to mass-produced fashion jewelry commonly sold by other retailers. Our online jewelry collection includes many pieces that cannot be completely replicated, so you will want to consider us the next time you need to buy jewelry in the Permian Basin.

If you’re looking for unique jewelry online, you will find our offerings to be a good option, because we use gemstones and crystals favored by the best jewelry stores. The collection ranges from mens jewelry to bridal jewelry, so you’ll find a bit of something for everyone here, and we offer regular jewelry sale options. Most of our collection is made up of beaded jewelry, although you will find other unique jewelry offerings available. Keep us in mind when you need to buy jewelry online in West Texas.

We offer many items that you won’t find in jewelry stores online, including turquoise jewelry and crystal jewelry. Custom jewelry options may be available for special occasions, please contact us for more details. We are one of the online jewelry stores that offers designer jewelry that is handmade.

Some of our product offerings include:


  • Wedding jewelry
  • Prom jewelry
  • Amethyst jewelry
  • Magnetic jewelry
  • Prom jewelry sets
  • Mothers jewelry
  • Womens jewelry
  • Inspirational jewelry
  • Family jewelry

We offer cool jewelry for all age groups. View our products to buy our homemade jewelry or contact us about customized jewelry options.

Meet the State Dog of Texas December 15 2017

The Blue Lacy traces its lineage back to some dogs that the Lacy ranching family owned in Burnet County in 1858.

A Few Unique Irish Customs December 14 2017

Irish cultural customs have been a part of the unique fabric that has held Ireland together for generations. The spiritual significance of these centuries-old customs has a lot to teach us today. These customs have increased in popularity among Americans of Irish descent. Here are a few of these treasured customs:

  • Shrovetide Weddings - Anglican/Episcopal and Catholic parishes don't celebrate weddings during Lent because of the solemn nature of the season. Irish Catholics traditionally started a lot of matchmaking during Epiphany season, which starts January 6th and ends Ash Wednesday. Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday (known in some cultures as Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday) became a popular wedding date. Consider a date during this time if your clergy and other key wedding people are agreeable and you want an unusual date.
  • Halloween comes from the ancient celebration of Samhain and is a time a time to remember the departed, much like Dia De Los Muertos/Day of the Dead. Colcannon potatoes are often part of a meal, with an extra treat added for the kids - clean coins wrapped in wax paper and hidden within the mixture. You'll be happy because the kids will get their share of vegetables, and they'll still be able to get their share of candy.
  • Christmas has traditionally been a time for a nice family dinner. Traditional puddings are always something that tops many a holiday gift list, especially for family spread far and wide. A post-Christmas Eve mass dinner that includes a goose or turkey and all the trimmings will keep everyone pleased.  
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