Celtic Crosses: A Great Choice for Both Genders December 07 2017

The Celtic cross is a versatile style for men and women that suits everyone regardless of their personal style. The design has its origins in Ireland, Scotland and Britain's early Christian days. The style's use of knotwork, often in organic shapes, makes it a suitable choice for any modern style.

Both simple and intricate designs grace these crosses, reflecting the wearer's tastes. Claddagh and eternity knot necklaces are a favorite choice for couples expressing their love. Women who have simple jewelry tastes and men often prefer crosses with simple silhouette shapes.

Many Celtic crosses also feature elaborate styles for more ornate tastes. For an ultra-stylish look with an extra burst of color, enamel crosses won't disappoint. Crystal accents add a touch of elegance to special occasions and wedding jewelry.

Other items we offer with the Celtic cross design include: necklaces for men and women, earrings, bracelets, prayer beads, rosaries Visit CelticAnglicanShop.com for more jewelry options