One "Best" Way to Pray the Rosary: Yea or Nay? December 11 2017

Regardless of which type of rosary you use, it's really impossible to say if there's a best way to pray the rosary or not. Some pray using traditional Catholic or Orthodox prayers, others use additional prayers like those used for the Anglican rosary, and yet others pray a Scriptural rosary.

So, is there really and truly a "right" way to pray the rosary? Every way of praying the rosary isn't necessarily conventional. However, remember this: it's your intentions that matter, not necessarily the words you use.

Praying the rosary with appropriate Scripture verses is a good spiritual practice that many laity and clergy alike encourage. You may find that saying the rosary gives you a good chance to reflect more meaningfully on these verses.

Your rosary prayers should always open with one that is meaningful. Some might prefer a versicle and response, while others might prefer the Apostles' Creed for example. The Angelus can also be a good prayer to open with as well.

When you're praying the Marian rosary, an appropriate collect or Scriptural reflection can be most appropriate. You'll be more likely to stay in a contemplative frame of mind that's beneficial when praying. Reflecting on the work that God has done for us as we pray the rosary helps improve our prayer attitude overall.

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