The Celtic Fair/Culture Directory, True New England and Friendly Bluebonnet Sites Are Returning March 25 2018

Hi all, thanks for hanging in there as we continue to complete our website updates. It's been going slower than expected, but we hope that they will be rewarding for all our customers.

We're doing some SEO stuff to make our site more findable and mobile-friendly. In addition to these updates, we're also working on bringing back our used books and the three additional sites mentioned in our headline. Here are some of the things to expect:

  • We'll be listing used books across all genres, with many titles bundled
  • The Celtic Fair Directory (CFD), True New England (TNE) and Friendly Bluebonnet (FB) sites will continue to include blog posts of interest about events and attractions - we might be publishing newsletters for some or all in the future
  • We'll also highlight collections related to these sites that we hope to carry
  •  E-books or even print books might be in the cards :)

Watch our Facebook page for the most recent updates