We've Added Photo Galleries for Most of Our Jewelry September 19 2018

If you've been browsing our site, you've probably noticed that many of our necklaces have more than one photo. We've done this to help give our customers a better idea of the size of our necklaces and highlight some of the detail.

When you're shopping for a necklace online, one of the tricky parts is trying to determine how far down the necklace hangs and whether it will fit too tightly around the neck. Generally speaking, most necklaces that hang down to the neckline of a V or scoop-neck women's shirt are in the 12 to 13" range.

A choker usually measures less than 12". However, we are glad to add necklace extenders to any design upon request.

Another change that you'll be seeing is better categorization, with designs grouped by jewelry type and subcategories according to specific design features. With this option, we'll also be adding color categories, should you choose to browse that way.

If you have your eye on a particular design but aren't sure of the size, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to help, simply send us a message here.