What Crafts Do You Want to See? February 24 2018

We're a pretty "crafty" bunch at CelticAnglican Shop and would like to extend some of our offerings beyond our jewelry and rosaries. However, to best know what other craft items to make available, we'd like some input from you, our customers and website followers.

Two craft items we've contemplated: door wreathes that are customizable for holidays and seasons, as well as Celtic-themed Advent wreaths with tartan ribbons and clan crests, where possible. We also have some combined experience creating ornaments and smaller wood crafts.

We are always open to suggestions and will give interested parties a chance to respond through a post on our Facebook page. You are also welcome to respond directly to this blog post to give your feedback. 

Any suggestions should be items that would be easy and cost-effective to ship (IOW, no custom dining room set requests, please!) Possibilities we're thinking of would be along the lines of decorated jewelry and rosary boxes, prayer rocks, wall crosses, decorated picture frames, etc.

So, please feel free to weigh in and tell us what you think.